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Searching for a long-lasting roofing material? Shingle roofing installation is your best bet. This oldie but goodie is well-known for its durable features, stunning design and ability to withstand the elements.

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What is Shingle Roofing?
Shingle roofing generally refers to the way that roofing material is cut into tiles and laid into an overlapping pattern. It can be made out of a variety of materials, including the most commonly used material: asphalt.
Benefits of Shingle Roofing
There are so many benefits to shingle roofing! To begin with, it has a more traditional appearance. You can also choose from a variety of materials and even color options to coordinate with your home or commercial building.
Shingle roofs are generally cost-effective, energy efficient and they’re great at keeping out noise. Plus, they’re durable but they’re also easier to repair if you should experience hail, wind or other damage.
Are Shingle Roofs Good for Willmar?
Shingle roofing makes a smart choice for homes in the Willmar area. Asphalt shingles stand up well to high wind speeds and hail—both of which occur during our Minnesota summers.
We here in the Spicer area are pretty familiar with wind and hail. If you’ve had a storm come through your area, know that our salespeople are trained in working with insurance companies. That means we can work directly with your insurance company if you file a claim, which ultimately helps take the stress off of you!
What Types of Buildings Should Have Shingle Roofing?
The best roofs for asphalt shingle installation will have a 3/12 pitch or higher. Essentially, if your roofline is at least slightly pitched, then asphalt shingles are probably going to work well for your roof. And if you’re not sure, just call us and we’ll help you decide if shingle roofing is the way to go for your home.
Roof Warranty
We are a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor, so we can offer an excellent warranty on your shingle roofing. In fact, the warranty we offer is considered one of the best! We also can offer the GAF Lifetime Roofing System with enhanced warranty options.
If you have questions about the warranty for asphalt shingles, reach out to us. We’d be happy to walk you through your options and help you choose what works best for your roofing needs.